Knights of Dawn

Battle of Triton

The Battle of Triton begins, as reports come in that devils has been spotted destroying the lands of the villigers that residents 20 minutes away from the castle and its walls. The King has his knights issue the call of war to save as many people as they can to bring them to the kingdom to fight on their grounds.

The Kind can not beleive that devils are among these lands in seeing that they have been banished from the lands by Bahamut centuries ago. Before staking in the battle the King prays as to why there was no warning of their arrival in the lands. The King says before the battle approaches “Fight with honor, Fight for you Love ones as this is going to be a brutal battle with these demons from hell and as long as we have faith in each other and our god Bahamut will watch over everyone and keep them safe”.

With the kingdom ready to due battle the time has come…..



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